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100% of funds raised in countries with Save the Children member offices* stays within that country to support local education and healthcare programmes, as well as Save the Children's emergency response.
All funds raised by employees in other parts of the world support our vaccination programme in Ethiopia and Save the Children's, Children Emergency Fund (CEF).
GSK fundraising match will support our five signature programmes in Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and CEF.

* Save the Children country member offices includes Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, UK and US.

Find out more about the Save the Children local programmes
Find out more about the Save the Children local programmes

About our signature programmes

Our partnership has helped more than 3.5 million children in 46 countries, including our biggest programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Yemen.

Help support Save the Children's Emergency Fund (CEF)

Save the Children's Emergency Fund (CEF) Is a pot of flexible funding used by Save's humanitarian teams to respond and support children most in need when disaster strikes.

The Emergency Fund ensures Save the Children can be ready and respond within hours of an emergency,  as well as helping communities recover faster after the event.

So far in 2022, the Emergency Fund has reached over 27.3million children and families around the world. Save the Children were able to respond to emergencies in 29 countries, including in response to the war in Ukraine, devastating flooding in Pakistan, and the extensive hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.

GSK and GSK employees generously contributed over £1million to the Save the Children Emergency Fund in 2022, which is just incredible!

Find out more about this year's Orange United Week and how you can get involved here.

What is the Children’s Emergency Fund?

Save the Children’s Emergency Fund helps provide vital support for children in emergencies. Your donations help Save the Children respond wherever the need is greatest, deploying teams on the ground within hours of a disaster striking and helping reach children immediately with the essentials they need to survive. Between April and June this year, the fund was used to support 13 new emergencies in 18 countries across the world. 

Your donations could provide essential shelter and hygiene kits to children like Sarah, 11, who was displaced from her home in January 2022, when cyclone Ana flooded her neighborhood and destroyed her family's home.

The Emergency Fund, helpings to make sure children can get life-saving essentials the next time disaster strikes – no matter the scale, timing or nature of the emergency.

Where the money will go

Your support will help children achieve the future they deserve. Together, we’ll help make that difference to every child living in poverty across the world.

- £1 could buy a 10 litre collapsible jerry can, vital for transporting clean water and preventing the spread of disease

- £6 could pay for one week's supply of high-nutrient peanut paste to help treat a child with severe acute malnutrition

- £7 could provide water treatment and safe storage and collection kit

- £16 could provide a school kit filled with essentials sch as notebooks, pens and a bag, to help a child continue their education

- £24 could provide support to a vulnerable or unaccompanied child

- £54 could provide food for one month to a displaced family

- £123 could be a 'cash for winter' voucher for a family to buy what they need to survive a cold winter such as fuel, plastic sheets to cover a tent, and a stove

- £823 could establish and operate a mobile child protection space to travel between remote communities to identify and support vulnerable children in emergencies.

Photo credit – Save the Children

What is Save the Children’s COVID-19 response?

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Save the Children have been supporting the most vulnerable children and families globally and across the UK, enabling them to stay safe, healthy and keep learning as the coronavirus crisis is hitting children hard – the most vulnerable children hardest of all. They are currently working in 114 countries, helping children who have been affected by COVID-19, while getting ready to respond in case things get worse.

With GSK support, Save the Children have been able to provide hygiene essentials, medical supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE) and information materials on hygiene for families and community health workers in countries such as Kenya and the Philippines.

GSK is also providing additional support for our partnership programmes as now, more than ever, our partnership is needed to make sure children have the chance to be safe, learn and grow up healthy and realise their full potential. Through our partnership COVID-19 Response Fund, we will ensure our current partnership programmes are fully equipped to tackle coronavirus and can support the communities we work with by continuing to provide potentially life-saving services.

Photo credit – Save the Children